Construction and manufacturing of hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical clamping devices for the automotive industry

(Slovenia, Austria). To proceed with this kind of order, we need these specs from a client manufacturing drawing of the workpiece, production drawing of the workpiece that is processed, technological process of manufacturing, technical details of the manufacturing machine After this, our team of expert begins working on the ideal solution for the clamping device. Whether it is a requirement for the hydraulic clamping device, pneumatic or mechanical device, our solution states exact components and the quality that customer wants. Mostly, we use parts of well known manufacturers (ROEMHELD, AMF, HAWE and etc). So far, we have created over a thousand of clamping devices. Our capacity is that within a week we can mechanically produce even the most complex clamping device. We are capable of drilling to a depth of 800mm.

TMD Hanibal
Design and manufacturing of pressing tools

(Belgium, Slovenia, Germany) The buyer needs to deliver us a drawing of the positions and then we can proceed with: creating a design for the tool, giving calculations of the force needed for breaking/bending, and giving recommendations on pressing force necessary for the production of the specific position. We also have the possibility of the construction and manufacturing of: the tools for the plastic deformation (shaping) tools for breaking & cutting In addition to this, we can also produce: dies, punches, cutting discs, guides and many other positions from this area.

TMD Hanibal
The production of spare parts for the railroad

(the Netherlands). We produce more than 450 different positions for railways and some of them are: various type of axles, shafts, bushings, plates, fuses, flanges, guides, spacers and screws. Production of various types of grids – welding process (connection between the wagon and the power supply).

TMD Hanibal
The production of machine parts for honing

(Germany) – We produce more than 600 different positions for honing machines and some of them are: base plates, prisms, axles, shafts, bushings, various chassis (welding process), brackets, rails, bolts, gears (with straight and helical gear).

TMD Hanibal
The production of machine parts for the packaging of fruit and vegetables

(the Netherlands). Our capacity is production of more than 700 different position and some of them are: plates, shafts, guides, rollers, gears, sprockets, spacers and fuses.

The production of components for the locking system in the concert halls

(Austria). We produce welded assemblies for the system of raising and lowering the curtain in concert halls, various carriers, axles, flanges and many other positions.

The production of parts for steel mills and conveyors

(Austria). We produce more than 250 different positions and some of them are: enclosures, base plates, axles, shafts, spacers, rollers, pistons, inlet chambers, prisms and consoles.